What We Do

As an organisation ran entirely by volunteers with lived experience of BPD and mental health, we know that with the right support and treatment people affected by serious mental health conditions can have a good quality of life and live in recovery. Our aim is to ensure that nobody faces this illness alone, and provide the framework for people to direct their own journey towards wellbeing and recovery, to live a full life with improved mental health.


We provide comprehensive information on BPD, from diagnosis to medication and beyond, through this website and via email or social media.


We can signpost you to services in your local area – not just to BPD support services and mental health organisations but also to support groups, activity groups, financial advice and more.


We offer free training in peer support, to enable anyone with lived experience of mental health to support others in need.

We provide paid, or low-cost, training in the basics of DBT, which is widely recognised as the best course of treatment for BPD.


We want to see a change in the way people with BPD are treated. People living with symptoms of BPD should be trreated with respect and dignity, and provided the healthcare they need without stigma or discrimination. We want to see standardised treatment available across the UK to anyone who needs it.

Raising Awareness

We want to encourage conversations about BPD, to make it more widely known and therefore reduce stigma and discrimination.