Lived Experience Advisory Group

At Borderline Support UK CIC we believe that the views and voices of people who have lived experience of BPD are vital in shaping our work, and shaping the future of the organisation, as well as changing the way we talk about BPD in our homes, community, work and social lives.

Our Lived Experience Advisory Group are there to help us ensure that the voices of those with lived experience are heard.

Lived experience is about the knowledge, perspectives and insight that people gain from their experiences of living with BPD. By lived experience we mean:

  • people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder
  • people living with the symptoms but who are undiagnosed
  • people who care for someone with borderline personality disorder

The Lived Experience Advisory Group help us to shape our services, but they also get involved in:

  • writing articles, blog posts or media posts
  • developing peer supporters for organisations
  • peer audits of organisations
  • speaking at public events
  • running workshops and interactive sessions
  • developing and reviewing research into BPD
  • and much more

If you have lived experience of BPD and would like to join the Lived Experience Advisory Group, please visit the application page and fill in the form.