Greater Manchester

Mood Swings

Moodswings is a unique charity providing intense support to people with mood disorders and their friends and families. Their work centres around Recovery, by which they mean living the best life we can with or without the symptoms of emotional distress.  They can help you to access the care and treatment that you may need. They don’t encourage the use of non-evidence based therapies or medicines.

They can help to provide the kind of positive enabling support that will help you to live a better and happier life rather than just cope with your difficulties.

They operate a telephone help line that provides advice, information and support for people whose lives are affected by a severe mood disorder.

All their services are based on a personal plan that has been designed and agreed after an assessment chat. They do not operate as a drop-in.

Rethink Mental Illness Manchester Group

Rethink Mental Illness Manchester Group is a group for people affected by severe mental illness to come together to share information and support with each other.The group is open to everyone: people personally affected by severe mental illness and their family members, friends and carers.

Trafford Psychological Therapies

Trafford Psychological Therapies provides talking therapy for adults of all ages: it is free, confidential, and proven to be effective. Referral is via GP or other healthcare provider or self-referral. They provide talking therapies for those experiencing difficulties with anxiety and depression based presentations.

  • Are you feeling low, and it just won’t shift?
  • Do you worry excessively: have a head full of ‘what if’s?
  • Are you stressed or anxious, everyday?
  • Do you have panic attacks? Feel afraid to leave home? Can’t be on your own?
  • Are you always anxious when around other people?
  • Are you worried about your health, despite reassurance from doctors?
  • Are you tormented by unwanted intrusive thoughts and the need to repeat behaviours, pushed around by the internal bully of OCD?
  • Do you have flashbacks of frightening past events?
  • Are you your own worst enemy, always harsh and critical of yourself?
  • Do you find it hard to manage your anger?
  • Do past events still negatively affect how you think of yourself and other people?
  • Are difficulties in your relationship contributing to your feelings of low mood?

If the answer is “yes” to one or more of these questions then you are not alone. There are 30,000 people in Trafford struggling in silence with the impact of such emotional difficulties.

Trafford Psychological Therapies provides talking therapy for adults of all ages: it is free, confidential, and proven to be effective. You do not have to endure this unnecessary suffering.

They have trained practitioners offering support ranging guided self-help with Psychological Wellbeing Pracitioner, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Psychology and Counselling, enabling you to learn ways to help you cope better. In additional to individual therapy, they also offer couple counselling for depression and group work. They try to provide everybody with a first appointment within four weeks.Find out more, or self-refer, on their website.

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