Armed Forces Support

It’s estimated that around 3% of UK armed forces personnel annually experience mental health problems, including borderline personality disorder. That equates to over 6000 people, a figure that increases massively when you consider those who have gone undiagnosed or who haven’t sought help.

The difficulties of military life can include a wide range of stressors such as being away from home, being in high stress and dangerous situations, and adjusting back to civilian life after long periods of being away.

In the UK, the NHS is responsible for delivering healthcare for the families of those serving and veterans. Mental healthcare is a multi-agency delivery effort and the MOD and UK Department of Health are working with the NHS and service charities, including Combat Stress, to promote awareness of veterans’ and service family issues.

In addition, Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds provides free and confidential support to Veterans, their families and the families of those currently serving who are suffering with anxiety, depression, stress, anger or alcohol. The service is easily accessible, with support delivered by phone, Skype or face to face.

(From the Gov.UK website)