Our Volunteer Champions are a vital part of our work, as they help us to raise awareness with local communities and with new audiences.

What is the role of a Volunteer Champion?

As a regional Volunteer Champion, you will help us raise awareness of BPD and support our work in your local community. You will promote volunteering, and the benefits of volunteering, with the people of your local community. You will act as an ambassador for the organisation.

Some key responsibilities include:

  • Championing volunteering in your local area
  • Being the first point of contact for volunteers in your area
  • Connecting with your local volunteer organisations
  • Posting volunteer roles in your community
  • Giving talks in the community and online
  • Connecting with our social media platforms
  • Creating social media posts of activities in your community
  • Take part in our campaigns

Why Should I Get Involved?

From enhancing your CV and learning new skills to building confidence and teamwork, there are lots of reasons why volunteering with us as a Volunteer Champion can be beneficial.

  • Join a community of volunteers who are united in supporting our mission
  • Get involved with your local community, creating opportunities to connect with new people and engage with your local community.
  • Make a difference in the lives of people with borderline personality disorder, your involvement will help us to reach more people in need of support.
  • The Volunteer Champion role can enhance your CV as you will be engaging with different audiences to promote our services, create content and develop new skills.

Who can be a Volunteer Champion?

If you are interested in, and passionate about, volunteering and would like to be part of our program, you can sign up as a Volunteer Champion today!

How much time does a Volunteer Champion commit?

You can get involved in whatever way feels right for you! This is a flexible and self-led role which is part of a wider network.

We do ask that you attend four online sessions per year to connect and network with the full Volunteer Champion network.

What can you expect from us?

All Volunteer Champions receive:

  • An induction, training for your role and ongoing support
  • A welcome pack including useful resources and digital assets
  • Regular updates, calls to action and communication
  • Opportunities to connect, network and attend exclusive online events with other Volunteer Champions

How to become a Volunteer Champion 

If being a Volunteer Champion sounds like something you would like to be involved in, apply today so that we can start you on your journey supporting us.