Lived Experience Advisory Group

We welcome anyone with lived experience of BPD/EUPD to join the Lived Experience Advisory Group, and help us make sure your voice is always heard.

By lived experience, we mean anyone who:

  • has been diagnosed with BPD/EUPD
  • has the symptoms of BPD/EUPD but has not been diagnosed
  • carers of someone with BPD/EUPD

Your lived experience makes you an expert in BPD, and that knowledge, perspective and insight can help create a deeper understanding of this condition and how it affects people.

The Lived Experience Advisory Group meets once a month online, to discuss campaigns, projects or research from a lived experience perspective. Some of the things the group does includes:

  • writing articles, blog posts or media posts
  • developing peer supporters for organisations
  • peer audits of organisations
  • speaking at public events
  • running workshops and interactive sessions
  • developing and reviewing research into BPD

If you would like to join the group, please fill in the below form. If you prefer to submit your application by email you can send your CV and covering letter to