I am a PhD candidate at Birkbeck University in London. My research focuses on BPD and relationship dynamics. I serve as trustee and volunteer at Borderline Support because I believe that raising awareness and strengthening community bonds is key to providing better support and improving the wellbeing of people facing mental health challenges.


Hi, I’m Cherrie! I am a health care assistant, currently studying in the hope of becoming a psychologist. I am a huge animal lover, and my dog Douglas is a huge part of my life! My love for animals extends to my love for humanity and I believe it is essential to care and support others, which is why I volunteer for borderline support. Drawing from my personal journey with bipolar disorder and BPD, I know the potential for overcoming challenges and achieving symptom management for a fulfilling life.


I want to volunteer for Borderline Support because I’ve had just over a decade of lived experience and I know how tough it is to live with this disorder. My aim as a trustee is to help Borderline Support to change narratives, inform national policy, and support people from the ground up.