Welcome to Borderline Support UK CIC, we are a non-profit organisation which is volunteer-run and led by people who are living with, or affected by, borderline personality disorder (BPD).

We are here to support you however we can – and all of our services are completely free, and easily accessible.

Our vision is that no person affected by BPD should have to face this illness alone.

BPD is a complex mental health condition that affects around 1-2% of people. We believe that people experiencing mental distress because of their BPD have the ability to direct their own journey towards wellbeing and recovery, enabling them to live a full life with improved mental wellbeing.

Our vision is to create a society where every person living with BPD receives the necessary support, treatment choices, and the respect they rightfully deserve.

Get Support

You don’t need to go through life with BPD alone, we are here to help. There are several ways we can offer support:

  • We offer several monthly online peer support groups and a face-to-face support group.
  • We provide a signposting service, we can provide you with information on services in your local area.
  • We offer 1:1 or group befriending.
  • Our UK Support directory provides information on mental health services in counties and regions across the whole of the UK.

It’s easy to access our free support services, simply fill in a form to self-refer and we will be in touch within a few days.


We are passionate about recovery, and firmly believe that with appropriate treatment and ongoing support recovery is possible. Within our recovery section, you will find comprehensive information on aspects of the recovery process, with valuable resources such as wellbeing information, worksheets, affirmations, yoga and meditation.

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved in what we do, check out our events calendar or visit our volunteering pages. We operate with the help of volunteers and are a non-profit organisation with no paid staff. We deeply appreciate the individuals who wish to volunteer with us, we would love to hear from you.

Support Us

We are a volunteer-led organisation with no paid staff, so we rely on fundraising to be able to provide support and information across the UK. You can support us in different ways:

Make a one-off or recurring donation via Paypal

Become a member and have your say in the work we do

Join or host a fundraising event

Raise funds while you shop online at no extra cost to you