Borderline Personality Disorder Research

Take part in Borderline Personality Disorder research

On this page you’ll find requests from researchers wanting to understand your experiences of having, or living with, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Please be aware that these independent projects are not connected to, or run by Borderline Support UK. Borderline Support UK does not endorse nor accept responsibility for these projects; if you have any issues, please inform the institutions which are hosting the research. Participating in research may come with risks involved, which is up to the researcher to fully make you aware of. Please understand that you undertake these at your own risk. Borderline Support UK cannot be held liable for any risk, data protection (when relevant to the projects), or otherwise.

Undertaking research based on your personal experience can be emotionally provoking – please only consider undertaking research participation if you feel well within yourself.

Only ethically approved research projects are accepted onto our portal.

If you are a researcher connected to a UK institution and have had ethical approval confirmed, please get in touch.