BPD Support Groups

BPD support groups are often known as ‘peer support’ groups. Peer support is when people use their lived experiences to help others. The aim of peer support groups is to bring together people who can offer understanding and support, and to provide a safe space where you feel accepted.

The support is mutual – when someone is going through a good patch they can help others, when they are in a low mood, they can ask for support.Peer support has been proven to help people with all mental health conditions, but is especially important to people with a less common condition such as BPD.

Because there is such a lack of understanding and knowledge, and a lot of stigma, it can be hard to feel understood. Peer support allows people to know they are not alone, and to share experiences, symptoms, treatments, recovery and more.

We currently run 9 online groups which meet once a month, and we have a closed peer support group on Facebook.