Specialist BPD Training for Health and Social Care Professionals

By equipping health and social care professionals with the necessary skills, attitudes and knowledge of borderline personality disorder, our specialist BPD training will contribute to improved patient care and better healthcare coordination.

We need your help to raise the necessary funds to develop a cutting-edge training portal. The platform will host high-quality and engaging courses which will include text, images, audio, video, animations, simulations, quizzes, games, case studies, scenarios, role plays, discussions, and feedback. Our aim is to employ diverse learning methods and materials to accommodate various learning styles and preferences.

We estimate the cost of this project will be around £7,500. You can donate via our fundraising page.

Who will benefit from this specialist training?

We have already established four courses online which anyone can access, however we aim to enhance our courses by developing a new platform dedicated to specialised health and social care training. This training program will be available to all professionals in the health and social care sector, encompassing a wide range of disciplines:

  • healthcare professionals (specialists, consultants, doctors, nurses, support workers, mental health support workers, peer supporters)
  • social care professionals (social workers, care workers, community support workers, outreach workers, activity coordinators, support staff)
  • police officers
  • probation officers
  • prison officers

Why is this needed?

The stigma and discrimination around BPD is primarily attributed to a lack of knowledge and understanding. Our firm belief is that this this training program will enhance the understanding of health and social care professionals regarding this condition, consequently leading to improved quality of treatment and support for the service user.

Where will the donations go?

We will create five courses, each of which will be customised to meet specific professions:

  • healthcare professionals
  • social care professionals
  • police officers
  • probation officers
  • prison staff

Your generous donations will help cover the costs involved, which include:

  • developing the course content
  • the creation of engaging graphic design, videos, and interactive elements
  • establishing a bespoke training portal
  • the acquisition of necessary software licenses and outsourced services
  • the marketing and promotion of the courses among health and social care organisations

How you can support us

We are a not-for-profit organisation – a registered Community Interest Company. We rely on financial donations to be able to provide our services, all donations from individuals and companies are gratefully received. You can support us by making a one off donation to the project by visiting our fundraising page or become a sponsor of one of our courses and be featured in our course manuals and marketing materials. Please get in touch with us to discuss sponsorship options.