Health in Mind

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Health in Mind

This is an online based support platform that provides free NHS Talking Therapies Service for anyone in East Sussex experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. The platform has been well designed and is user friendly, even for people not used to online services.

A patient only needs to complete an online self-referral, before their case is well define, and the services they need can be well tailored. The platform has qualified CBT therapists, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and Primary Care Mental Health Practitioners.

This platform is ideal for people who are overwhelmed in their workplaces and personal relationships. There are times when work and relationships plateau and one becomes overwhelmed with what they are going through. This platform provides free talk therapies to help one cope with the situation.

Futhermore, the platform has resources useful to help you look out for your mental health. There are even courses designed for you to improve your mental health. This platform is ideal not only for curative/ imporvement, but also for preventive purposes. To save you from poor mental health.


40 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh EH2 4RT