The Cumbria Wellbeing Hub

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The Cumbria Wellbeing Hub

The Cumbria Wellbeing Hub is considerate a collective of professionals (therapists, coaches, etc...) who are dedicated to promote mental health support and offer help to residents in the region.

Their services include:

Information and Advice - Serves as a comprehensive source of information on mental health and well-being, providing advice on various topics, including stress management, coping strategies, and maintaining good mental health.

Access to Services - Individuals can access information about local mental health services, support groups, and community resources available in Cumbria. These services include coaching on Fitness, Mindfulness, Mindset,  Well- being for children and young adults, etc..

Private Sessions - The hub offers private sessions with different professionals to work on your specific needs and personal arrangements. You can choose to have a session with a therapist or coach that focuses on a particular topic or issue, such as stress, anxiety, workouts, addictions, self-perception, trauma, and so on.