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Womankind, a well-established charity led by women for women, annually supports numerous women in enhancing their mental health and overall well-being, fostering a better quality of life for each individual.

The organisation acknowledges that the roots of challenges often trace back to personal life histories, while also recognising the profound impact of the social and political environment on mental health. Encouraging women not to suffer in silence, Womankind emphasises the importance of reaching out and sharing one's problems and emotions, as dialogue can be profoundly beneficial.

In a collaborative approach, Womankind strives to comprehend each woman's unique situation, providing support to help navigate challenges. The organisation empowers women to find their voices, express themselves, and reflect on their experiences. Through this comprehensive support, Womankind aims to facilitate positive transformations in the lives of the women it serves.


Womankind 3rd Floor, Brunswick Court Brunswick Square Bristol BS2 8PE