Join Our Campaign for Change

We are changing the way we talk about borderline personality disorder, and we are leading a movement, a campaign for change, advocating for improved care within the healthcare system for people living with BPD.

What we are campaigning for

It is essential that more funding is allocated to services across the UK treating people living with Borderline Personality Disorder, and that care is standardised so that patients can receive adequate care regardless of where they live. We want to see the following changes:

  • NCIE guidelines for treatment implemented fully by ALL healthcare professionals, or anyone involved in the care/treatment of someone with BPD.
  • Improved training to be available for all healthcare professionals.
  • Specialist training in borderline personality disorder to be available to social care professionals, police, probation officers and prison officers.
  • Patients to be advised of all treatment options, and not be excluded from accessing them.
  • An overhaul of the ‘crisis’ system including a reduction in response times, and the way people in distress are treated.
  • More support groups and BPD specialist services.

Ways that you can get involved: