Joe Tracini bares his soul as he discusses Borderline Personality Disorder and suicide thoughts (Metro)

Mental health campaigner and influencer and former Hollyoaks star is’s guest editor for our soaps and drama section, overseeing a day of Mental Health Awareness Week Takeover content from soap stars in EastEnders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Home and Away.

The inspirational actor and dancer has been very open and honest about suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder , which has led him to dark places including addiction and suicide attempts.

He explains his condition in the exclusive video he created with our soaps editor Duncan Lindsay and he was characteristically honest and candid about how it impacts his day to day life.

He addresses the difference in the terms mental health and mental illness and admits that his condition has led him to do some things he is not proud of – things he would never have done were it not for his BPD.

Through taking part in our campaign, Joe hopes to widen the discussion on mental health and illnesses, as well as allowing others who may be experiencing BPD that they are not alone.

For several years, Joe’s articles, the first of which he wrote for, and online videos where he illustrates his two personalities and how the other drives his actions and mindset, have gone viral and resonated with many.

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