Claiming PIP (Personal Independence Payment) for BPD

BPD affects everyone differently, but for some people living with BPD they may need some extra support financially. PIP – Personal Independence Payment – is a benefit paid to anyone over 16 who has a long-term physical or mental health condition and has difficulties with everyday tasks. Long-term is defined as lasted at least 12-months from when symptoms started.

Note – to apply, you need to have lived in England, Scotland or Wales for at least 2 of the last 3 years, and must be living in one of these countries when you apply. 

The first step in applying for PIP is to call the ‘new claims’ line on 0800 917 2222 – you can also request the letter by writing to:

Personal Independence Payment New Claims
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1AH

Requesting the form by letter will take a few weeks longer than applying by phone.

The call will last around 30 minutes and you will need to provide basic contact info, your national insurance number and contact details for your GP, as well as bank details and any dates of hospital stays. You will then be sent a form ‘how your disability affects you’.

You have one month to return the form though you can call the enquiry line on 0800 121 4433 to ask for more time.

The form will ask questions about how you do things on a daily basis. You should answer the questions as to how your condition affects you when you are unwell, and include as much supporting information as possible – prescriptions, care plans, letters or reports from doctors or specialists, evidence of hospital stays, etc.

Once your form has been recieved and reviewed, you will be invited to an assessment with a health professional if more information is needed. They’ll ask some further questions about how your condition affects you in daily activities, and any treatments you have had/will have/are currently having.

If you are claiming the mobility section of PIP, they may ask you to do some basic movements.

This assessment can be over the phone or fac-to-face, and usually takes around one hour.

Following on from the assessment, you will receive a letter detailing whether you will get PIP and if so, the date of your first payment.

If the claim is rejected, you can challenge the decision by requesting a ‘mandatory reconsideration’. Your claim will then be reviewed.

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