Fundraising Policy

Our fundraising policy demonstrates that we are committed to raising funds in an honest and transparent way. We have no paid staff, and receive no funding, and therefore rely completely on the generosity of our supporters to carry on supporting people in need.

Code of Fundraising Practice

As a supporter of Borderline Support UK CIC, you play a crucial role in the work we do, and we firmly believe that contributing to our cause should be a positive experience.

Despite being a community interest company rather than a registered charity, we strictly adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice as set out by the Fundraising Regulator. The Code sets out standards that are applicable to all fundraising activities carried out in the UK.

Open and Honest

We will be open and honest about how donations are used to support people affected by borderline personality disorder.

We will never put undue pressure you to make a donation. Should you choose not to donate, we will acknowledge and respect your decision.

No individual fundraising with Borderline Support UK will be entitled to receive any form of commission, bonus, or remuneration for their involvement in fundraising endeavours.


We will endeavour to do all we can to ensure that our fundraisers, volunteers, trustees and any third parties working with us comply with this fundraising policy and all appropriate fundraising regulations.

Where we work with external parties, we will provide training and monitor the work carried out to ensure it meets our standards. We expect third parties to comply with this fundraising policy and all appropriate fundraising regulations.

We provide easy ways for you to contact us, and our team is always happy to answer any queries you may have. You can contact us at any time to make us aware of a concern or complaint using our complaints policy.

Vulnerable Persons

When responding to a support or service user in vulnerable circumstances, we will take all necessary steps to ensure the supporter is able to make an informed decision about making a donation. If we deem a supporter unable to make an informed decision we will not accept the donation.

Fundraising activities

Before any fundraising activities can occur, approval must be sought in advance from the management board.

All fundraising conducted by or on behalf of Borderline Support UK CIC will adhere to this fundraising policy, as well as any necessary licencing, legislation or regulation in the UK.


We will consistently prioritise the organisations best interests, and will decline donations of funds from donors whose activities are in conflict with our aims and values.

Furthermore, we shall decline donations from companies or individuals who participate in activities which:

  • could cause damage the reputation of the organisation.
  • could cause harm to any service user, whether physical, financial or emotional.
  • could reduce future donations.
  • could expose the organisation to adverse publicity.
  • undermines our aims, vision, mission or values.
  • are associated with unsuitable products such as arms dealing or tobacco.
  • require additional charity resources or expenditure.
  • are from unknown sources of funding. We will take steps to determine the source of funding for each donation and ensure that the funds do not originate (whether directly or indirectly) from any illegal activity.

Legacy and Gifts in Memoriam

Where donations are made in remembrance, these donations will be assessed and received by the management board. It is our policy to not only receive such gifts but to encourage efforts to remember and honour these donors.

Any efforts to acknowledge donors who are no longer living will be discussed with the appropriate persons including but not limited to family members and spouses.

Where donations are made in legacy, the management board will deal with all administrative and legal arrangements necessary. We will ensure legacy donations adhere strictly to the wishes of the legator at all times.

Charitable Trusts and Grants

The board of trustees is responsible for the solicitation of funds from charitable trusts and organisations. Any such funds raised will be processed and used in strict accordance with the stipulations laid out by the charitable organisation donating the funds.


Borderline Support UK will not endorse any products, organisations or services in return for donations.

Any legitimate partnerships between Borderline Support UK and another organisation will be considered as part of our risk management process, and will be made public where appropriate.

Recognising Donors

We firmly believe that all donors should be acknowledged and thanked for their donation. Each donation made will be acknowledged by the organisation, except where requested otherwise. On occasion, we may wish to publish the names of donors on our website, social media or in our annual report. We will always inform the donor in advance of this occurring.


It is the responsibility of the Chief Executive and the board of trustees to ensure that this fundraising policy is adhered to.


We will respond to all complaints from sponsors, charitable organisation and members of the public in a timely and respectful way, in line with our complaints policy.