Are people with BPD dangerous?

Are people with BPD dangerous?

No, people with BPD are no more dangerous than any other area of society!

Statiscally, a person with BPD is much more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else – the condition has a high rate of self-harm and suicide, approximately 10% of those living with BPD will attempt to take their own lives or hurt themselves at some point.

Because BPD affects how we see ourselves as well as those around us, we are more likely to be angry or upset at our own behaviour or personality traits.

Some people with BPD do struggle with anger issues, which are usually linked to something else (such as abuse or neglect, not receiving the support they need, etc).

There is help available for those suffering with controlling their anger, many NHS trusts have anger management courses, as well as talking therapy services to allow you to get to the root of the anger. There is some great information on the Mind website about getting treatment and support for anger issues.