Kawaii Fantasy Colouring Book: A Colouring Book for Adults for Mindfulness, Stress Relief and Relaxation




Kawaii is one of Japan’s most popular words, it means ‘cuteness’, and these creatures are definitely kawaii! Relax with this beautiful and relaxing colouring book for adults containing 33 unique illustrations of kawaii creatures.

Enjoy the therapeutic nature of colouring with these high-quality printable colouring pages. Let your imagination flourish as you bring these designs to life with an array of colours, making each page a unique masterpiece.

A rich blend of simple and intricate hand-drawn designs which suits colouring fans of all ages and skill levels.

Colouring is a great way to take some self-care time and promotes mindfulness, stress relief and reducing anxiety levels.

About this book

  • 33 unique illustrations
  • Published 2024
  • Title: Kawaii Fantasy
  • Publisher: Borderline Support UK CIC
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