Rapper says music helps his Borderline Personality Disorder (BBC News)

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A rapper with borderline personality disorder (BPD) says music has stopped him from harming himself and has been his therapy.

Wayne Webster, from Bristol, has been making music about how he deals with his mental health, in the hope it will support others. He added that if people are “battling with thoughts”, they should seek help.

According to Mind, BPD makes it difficult to know how you think and feel about yourself and other people.

The hip hop and grime rapper was first discovered by BBC Upload after sending in his music. He was then invited onto the show to share his story and has performed for BBC Introducing.

“At the age of 28 I came to the realisation that something wasn’t right with me, I was hurting and hurting everyone around me,” Mr Webster said.

“The woman that diagnosed me, I was telling her about my lyrics that mentioned this demon and she said that was me naming it.

“I had to accept the fact that I had a mental illness.

“I learnt how to rewire my brain and music was the biggest thing that helped me throughout all of that.”

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